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Being a Mommy Blog in the age of Facebook…


I love the idea of a blog and hopefully you can tell that I have put a ton of work into my website/blog.  I want to welcome you in and share my life with you all. I believe that I have a lot to say and hopefully you want to read about me.  I am 36 year old woman who has 3 kids under 4 and I realize that I still have quite a long time before my youngest is in school and I am back to work outside the home. About 5 years to be more exact and I found myself really struggling with the idea of being a stay at home mom for another 5 years.  It often feels like society has a lot to say about us stay at home moms, be it either that this is the right place for a woman to be or shame that I am not showing my children that women can have it all. But we can’t have it all. Our Society in the United States isn’t built to be supportive of women.  Now, I also understand how incredible fortunate I am to be able to stay at home with my children.   That being said, I can say how I am feeling on a given subject.  You might have an opposing opinion and my goal is to never harm or insult anyone but I will speak my truth and I will not start each blog apologizing for my views.  I would like to build a community where we can discuss things.  


The other thing is while I will talk about my children.  Their full names will never be used and their faces will not be shown.  I want to share everything I can with you, however, in the world of Facebook where we have our personal data used against us and those on our friend’s list.  Caution is best. I also want them to be able shape their own image. At some point they will want to have social media of their own and as much as I think they are adorable in mommy’s high heels, hat and nothing else I don’t think that they will want that shared with their friends when they are in high school.  I’m not sure if that means that I will not be successful because I understand that drama drawls the views. However, this blog will be the opposite of that. I hope you will come here because here you have a friend. Someone who wants you to feel at home. Someone who is walking down a path of life that might be over saturated with other voices but there is only one me and my views are uniquely mine.   Ok, there is a couple of things I judge on. Again, more on that later.


Sorry,  I have a poopy diaper calling my name. I will upload every Wednesday.  I hope you come back and get to know me.   



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